Photo: Mt. Hood, Portland, Oregon. Client: Adidas


Planning and Allocation

  • Recruited by over ten national and international retailers to design, develop and implement planning and allocation organizations and processes, systems, and accountability and performance measurement reporting to increase sales, margins and productivity and to reduce inventory levels for brick and mortar, print and digital retailing.

  • Increased efficiencies by providing direction on the existing staffing, job responsibilities and organizational structures for planning and allocation divisions.

  • Developed and implemented new unit and dollar planning, assortment planning, buy quantity development, and allocation methodologies which were wholly integrated into the financial planning calendars and company objectives to enhance sales, profitability and inventory productivity.

  • Developed performance measurement reporting to support these processes.

  • Trained management, merchants, planners, and allocators on same.

  • Designed and implemented a monthly business review process for measuring and forecasting product performance by category of business enabling financial divisions to improve monthly profitability forecasts.

Processes and Systems

  • Directed functional division heads in a team effort in the formation, development and documentation of company-wide integrated planning, finance, and product design calendars covering all product execution and timing, from design concept to in-store delivery and web launch.

  • Identified potential enterprise systems to replace legacy systems: designed, coordinated and directed team system reviews across all business channels, narrowing options and presenting finalists to the board of directors.

  • Served as the lead for management and the liaison for system vendors to guide the selection and implementation of new systems.

  • Directed the migration of businesses onto new and/or upgraded enterprise systems, including the design of front-end architecture, development of user training programs, and performing post-implementation audits and enhancements.

  • Designed and implemented merchandise, e-commerce and store productivity reporting.

  • Reporting in both money (dollars, euros and pesos) and in units, structured all information as decision-making tools providing targeted information in a hierarchical manner to each level of the organization based on need.

  • Recognized for developing company-wide standard reporting which serves as the base for all daily and weekly analysis.

  • All reporting done for both views and hard-copy printing.

  • Integration of website statistics with merchandise statistics is a focus.

  • Provided training and launch programs to ensure full integration of the information with the end-users.

Merchandise, E-commerce, and store Productivity Reporting


  • Designed and implemented store selling, goaling and performance programs for national and international specialty store retailers to focus field teams on quantifiable metrics while building sales.

  • Developed and prototyped performance measurement reporting for stores to monitor and improve store productivity from UPT and ADS data through key item, productivity per square foot/meter and performance against plan reporting. Established store performance review meeting agendas. Trained home office and store management to use metrics and reports.

  • Redefined job descriptions for directors of stores and regional managers to orient their focus on quantifiables: sales, productivity and P&L metrics.

  • Defined, designed and developed methodology and templates for an annual store analysis process to formally review store performance and P&L results.

  • Designed and implemented weekly meetings and conference calls to enhance communications between stores and planning and allocation divisions to ensure store inventory needs were optimized; set agendas and established metrics for same.